Juno gave birth to her first litter on Monday! 5 blue merle boys. 💙🥰

The puppies will be registered to my mother’s prefix, Finn-z-moen.
Inquiries are welcome to cd@finnsetmoen.no

Ninja was shown at her first puppy show Wednesday, with a Prize of Honour in quality and lots of new impressions.

Ninja 12 weeks old, and dog shows

Ninja is 12 weeks old, and out of 30 photos taken one was decent where she had all 4 legs on the ground. New picture on her page.

The days are otherwise spent with environmental training, and today’s new experience was fishing! Along with not greeting every single person passing us, which isn’t easy when said people barely accepts no for an answer when they want to pet her.

Waiting for my son to catch another funny wiggly smelly toy.

We’ve also managed a couple of dog shows again the past weeks, after things have been shut down for months due to corona. Nothing to brag about, but at least Taran got an Excellent in quality.